Léman de la Perdition

Léman de la Perdition

Sludge for Space Slugs – CH/PT

Léman De La Perdition was born in 2017 in Lausanne on the shores of the lake from which it takes its name. The melancholy of the place will inspire the trio. Coming from the alternative environment; metal, punk, crust, grindcore, ska and even hip-hop, the desire is, from the beginning, to tend towards a more laid back stoner-sludge-doom genre. A few pieces are beginning to take shape and the group launches into small scenes in the middle of the squat. Long years of maturation will follow; the different pieces are refined, some are reworked or even merged, the set-list is getting longer. This time will allow them to gain experience on more and more stages and work on a final set. In 2019 they decide to record a first album at Inspire Studio and will release in 2022.


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