The Kompressor Experiment – Ebb & Flow (LP)

CHF 25.00

Gatefold LP – 12-inch 33rpm Ultra Clear Black Marble Vinyl

Album released through Sunday Fog Records on April 9th, 2022.

This new album, “Ebb & Flow” is recorded during spring of 2021 by Ludovic Volper (Méandre). Darker and more frantic than ever, the 7 tracks present a view of the history of mankind, its uncertain beginnings (Endure The Sky, Riss-Würm), through its exponential development (Epigenesis), its infinite violent cycles (Tooth & Nail, Castle Bravo I and II) to end on a hope for resilience (Liminal Space). Musically, the album draws from post-metal and prog-metal, with influences such as The Ocean, Leprous or Russian Circles while integrating elements from electronic music and offering a greater presence to synthesizers.

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